Urbact biocanteens

BioCanteens: Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems

URBACT Transfer Networks help cities design sustainable integrated urban policies

  1. INT HERIT Voxpop - What are the benefits of working with a ULG? - Mantova (Italy)
  2. URBACT Open Dialogue: lessons for cities
  3. Ghent (BE) - Temporary use of vacant spaces within URBACT cities
  4. Next Gen Farming Without Soil and 90% Less Water | GRATEFUL

Building liveability: Copenhagen's sustainable urban development

  1. Raf Tuts - Compact Integrated and Connected Cities
  2. How to innovate small towns | Sydney Lai | TEDxRedding
  3. HAMBURG(DE): Finding Places. Interview with GESA ZIEMER
  4. Growing Food in the City - Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto
  5. Gender and Mobility
  6. S03E03 Ana Falu - Gender perspectives in urban planning
  7. Sustainable Regeneration in Urban Areas

Learning about SDG 11

  1. Why join URBACT City Festival 2018?
  2. Linda Gustafsson - #URBACT Gender Equal Cities
  3. The story behind the URBACT Programme
BioCanteens | URBACT


  1. URBACT City Festival - Lisbon 2018
URBACT Articles | URBACTVaslui, one of the first Romanian community to introduceOur Funding | URBACTUvod u crowdsourcing: iskustva Decide Madrida | URBACT
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